Sensor housing functions and system parameters

- Mar 05, 2018-

Sensor housing in the use of a rapid thermostat function, to a certain extent, by adding the proportional integral algorithm, in operation only need to match my company's proportional valve so that you can easily achieve a certain degree of ultra-fast thermostat effect.

Sensor housing with its centralized monitoring function, its product built-in RS485 interface, to some extent, with its monitoring system, so that you can to some extent, up to 3000 real-time remote centralized monitoring room to bring you Easy and reliable property management experience.

Thermostat probe shell timer switch machine function, to complete the prefabricated in your mind, so that your heart. Intelligent frost defrost function, even in the cold winter, but also allow your air-conditioning system to work properly.

System parameters for the sensor housing

1. Temperature range: 0 degrees to 55 degrees

2. Measurement accuracy: 1 degree.

Wind speed gear: high, medium, low, automatic.

4. Mode: refrigeration, heating, air supply.

5. Function: Automatic defrost, timer switch machine, sleep function, power failure memory function.

6. Valve control board communication: 3-wire or wireless.

7. Size Appearance: 86 * 86 * 35mm (length - width - depth)

8. Installation: Wall / embedded