Specifications and selection of metric rod end bearings

- Jan 14, 2019-

Rod end bearings can be constructed in different sizes, one of which is a metric rod end bearing. In general, the rod end bearing is a very low friction and eccentricity and resilient rod end bearing that reduces equipment vibration and installation noise. The metric rod end bearing is marked with a metric system and it is easy to see the specifications.


This means that as long as you understand the conversion method, you can convert its size. So what issues should you pay attention to when choosing a metric rod end bearing? First of all, it should be clear what the bearing size and specifications are needed for the occasion; secondly, it depends on whether there is a requirement for the length of the rod of the rod end joint bearing, which also relates to the width of the mounting bracket.


Furthermore, the size of the screw holes should also be considered, as this has a direct effect on the strength of the jacket and the angle of rotation of the metric rod end bearings. Of course, the cost factor should also be taken into account to meet the construction budget requirements.