Spherical bearing installation

- Jan 19, 2018-

(1) If it is to the shaft mounted bearings, then, is to first pull off the bearing pin on the jacket, and then, the journal surface grinding clean and smooth, then, is coated with rust-proof lubricant, that is For rust and lubrication treatment. However, allow the bearing to rotate slightly on the shaft.

(2) Bearing seat and bearing mating surface, should be coated with lubricant for lubrication, and then, can the bearing into the bearing seat. After that, push the spherical bearing to the required position for installation.

(3) If you want to install the eccentric sleeve, eccentric sleeve should be placed on the eccentric step of the inner sleeve of the bearing, and then tightened along the direction of rotation of the shaft. After that, it is the installation of eccentric sleeve, and, its fixed work.