Spherical bearings and shaft coordination

- Mar 30, 2018-

It belongs to the spherical bearing deep groove ball bearings, steel balls inside the rolling elements, and each set of spherical bearings are not used alone, it must fit into the overall installed inside the bearing housing. The spherical bearing housing has various shapes, so it can be used in a variety of structural positions after being fitted together.


Spherical bearings can be divided into three categories according to the cooperation with the shaft. One type is spherical bearings with top wire, including light series, heavy series and deformation products. If the use of environmental load is small, generally choose a light series of spherical bearings, and vice versa, choose a heavy series. There are two kinds of top wire on this type of spherical bearing, and its included angle is 120°. Its characteristic is that when it is matched with the shaft, the top wire is used to stand on the shaft, so as to play a fixed role.


The other type is a tapered spherical bearings, which can also be divided into several series of products. This type of spherical bearing is characterized by the fact that it can withstand a larger load than the top-wire external spherical ball bearing, because it is matched with the same The inner diameter of the model is smaller than that of the topped ball bearing.


There is also a spherical bearing with an eccentric sleeve, which has a certain degree of eccentricity at the end of the bearing and an eccentric sleeve with the same eccentricity, so it is generally a special bearing, mainly used in agricultural machinery, and sometimes it can also be used in Stroke more violent structure.


Spherical bearings have one more characteristic than other ordinary bearings, that is, they adopt a double-layer seal structure because the spherical bearings have relatively harsh environmental conditions for use, and the double-layer seal ensures that dust does not easily enter the interior of the channel and extends the service life of the bearings.