Spherical bearings of the two types

- Oct 20, 2017-

Bearings in the spherical bearings can have a lot of specific types, the following to be familiar with and understand about its two types, is for spherical ball bearings and spherical roller bearings.

One of the spherical bearing types: spherical ball bearings
Spherical ball bearings, that is, spherical bearings, can also be referred to as spherical bearings. Its main feature in the structure is for the bearing inside the rolling sphere, is for the ball, so, will have this name. In addition, it is easy to install and disassemble, as well as can be such as self-aligning advantages. Its principle in the tolerance standard is for the addition of the increase.

Spherical ball bearings, which in the specific category, there are with a top wire spherical ball bearings, tapered spherical ball bearings and with eccentric sleeve spherical ball bearings of these three. In addition, compared with ordinary bearings, there is a major feature, is used for the bearing double seal, so you can extend the bearing life.

Spherical bearing type of two: spherical roller bearings
Spherical roller bearings This kind of spherical bearing, its structural characteristics, is for its two rows of rollers. Also, there is a common spherical race on the outer ring. Also, there are two inner raceways in the bearing, at an angle to the bearing axis. Therefore, from its structural point of view, it is a self-aligning bearing, but also on the shaft and the bearing between the alignment error is not sensitive.

Spherical roller bearings, which is a kind of spherical bearings, therefore, the advantages of spherical bearings, it is also some, for example, can withstand higher radial load, but also can bear the two directions on the heavy axial load. Its performance, there are some influencing factors, is for the symmetrical roller, roller tolerance, roller shape and metal cage these four are very important, so, are can not be ignored.

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