Stainless steel ball joint rod ends in the performance of any advantage

- Jan 29, 2018-

Different rod end spherical joint products, the use of stainless steel ball joint rod end types are different. Normally, the sliding surface of the rod end of the stainless steel ball will be coated with a hard chrome so that its corrosion resistance can be significantly improved, and its life can be greatly prolonged.


In addition, different types of stainless steel ball joint rod ends products are mainly used to bear the load from different directions in practical applications, so as to meet the requirements of the rod end spherical joint. Usually, the structural design of the rod end spherical joint is the ball bearing with high precision adopted in the spherical part of the rod. After the steel ball is encased by the die casting to shape the clamper, a special welding process is adopted to combine the Shank neck connected together.


In this way, the smooth movement of the minimum clearance can be achieved by means of the rod end of the stainless steel ball joint, and the mirror surface of the steel ball is copied to the spherical surface of the retainer to make full contact with each other. In the design process, the flexible use of a miniaturized design, not only to maintain the full strength, but also its compact and reasonable structure to adapt to different working environments.


As a whole, the spherical sphericity in spherical joints is usually required to be 0.001 mm so that smooth movement can be achieved with minimum clearance, and the workability of the rod end of the stainless steel ball joint and the movement of the link mechanism can be improved. feel. In addition, some products also have good lubricating properties, because of the injection of grease, it has good lubricity, increased wear resistance.


In addition, the stainless steel ball joint rod ends product has not only been significantly reduced in weight, but also has high strength, whether it is material or structural design. Coupled with stainless steel ball joint rod end has the advantages of corrosion resistance, making it not only in practice can play a good performance, but also to ensure a longer life.