Stainless steel rod end bearings configuration and installation requirements

- Nov 02, 2018-

The rod end bearing belongs to the first branch of the joint bearing and mainly refers to a joint bearing with a rod end or a rod end. In practical applications, stainless steel rod end bearings and spherical plain bearings are mainly used to withstand the supporting loads in the mechanical motion system, as well as possible corner movements, misalignment and vibration.


Structurally, the stainless steel rod end bearing is composed of a threaded mounting seat and an integrated spherical plain bearing. The spherical plain bearing is composed of an outer ring and a hardened outer spherical inner ring. Spherical plain bearings have similar functions to rod end joint bearings and require bearing housing support. Standard left- or right-hand internal and external threads and grease fittings are available for bearing configuration.


At the same time taking into account the requirements of the load, the installation of stainless steel rod end bearings should meet such requirements: slight interference or mechanical fit, threaded rod. The aperture range is 3/16" to 2". Depending on its type and construction, it can withstand radial loads, axial loads or combined loads in both radial and axial directions.