Stainless steel rod ends installation method and precautions

- Apr 09, 2018-

The installation method of stainless steel rod ends, first of all, its inner ring and shaft should be precisely matched, and the outer ring and the shell are loosely fitted. During installation, the end of the stainless steel rod can be press-fitted onto the bearing with a press, and then the shaft together with the bearing is inserted into the housing. Note that when the press-fitting is performed, a soft metal material is fitted on the end surface of the stainless steel rod. .


When the stainless steel rod end is installed, to make the center line of the clearance hole and the shaft coincide, the joint bearing and the hammer can be used to install the joint bearing, and the hammering force should be evenly transmitted to the entire circumference of the end face of the joint bearing ring, so the assembly sleeve The hammered end of the pipe should be made spherical.


Stainless steel rod ends can also be installed by heating, but the required force for installation is related to the size of the stainless steel rod end and the size of the fitting interference. For the method of hot filling of medium and large rod ends with large interference, To better install it in place.


Before the stainless steel rod end is hot-mounted, the better, place the ferrule into the fuel tank or dedicated heater and heat evenly to 80~100°C; then remove it from the heating oil tank or heater and clean it immediately with a clean cloth. Go to the stainless steel rod end surface of the oil traces and attachments, and then placed in front of the mating surface, in one operation to push the bearing to the position of the shaft shoulder.


In the cooling process of the stainless steel rod ends should always be pushed tightly, or use a small hammer to tap the bearing through the fitting sleeve to make it tight; when installing, slightly rotate the stainless steel rod end to prevent the installation from tilting or stuck. Especially in the case of tight fitting, the stainless steel rod end bearing seat made of light metal should heat the articulated bearing seat.