Stainless steel rod ends joint bearing features

- May 09, 2018-

In practical applications, stainless steel rod ends spherical plain bearings and spherical plain bearings are currently mostly used for bearing loads in mechanical motion systems, as well as possible corner movements, misalignment and vibration. Stainless steel rod end joint bearing actually consists of a threaded mounting seat and integrated spherical plain bearing. Spherical plain bearing consists of outer ring and hardened outer spherical inner ring.


As a whole, spherical sliding bearings and stainless steel rod ends bearings have similar functions and functions and require bearing support. In simple terms, in fact, a type of spherical plain bearing is a joint bearing, and a basic type is an inner and outer ring having a spherical sliding contact surface. Rod-end joint bearings use axial loads that are subjected to radial loads and radial loads of not more than 0.2 times in any direction. The rod end body is provided with a threaded extension rod, and the threads are divided into approximately the inside and the outside.


Because of this characteristic, stainless steel rod end bearings have been widely used in swing motions, tilting motions, and rotational motions with relatively small speeds. For example, children ride horses, textile machinery, food machinery, some low-speed hinged joints, packaging machinery, and medical machinery can all be seen.


From the structural analysis, in fact, stainless steel rod end joint bearing composition is very simple, mainly consists of two parts, one with an outer spherical inner ring, and the other part is an inner spherical outer ring, can withstand greater loads. According to the different types and structures of rod end joint bearings, radial load, axial load or combined load of radial and axial simultaneous existence can be applied.


In fact, stainless steel rod end bearings can be used not only in slow-moving oscillating movements, but also in tilted movements within a certain range of angles. Stainless steel rod end joint bearings are widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinders, forging presses, construction machinery, automation equipment, automotive shock absorbers and water conservancy machinery and other industries.