Structural design description of utility model lockable Pin

- Dec 26, 2018-

The lockable Pin is a kind of connecting piece, which can be regarded as a pin with self-locking function through structural design. As a kind of connecting piece, the pin plays an important role in the mechanical field. In order to prevent the pin from falling off, a split pin is generally used as a connecting member, and the connecting member mainly comprises a pin cap and a pin.


The lockable Pin of the utility model not only has a self-locking function, but also is not easy to fall off, and the connection is reliable. A limiting hole is arranged on a side wall of the pin away from the pin end, and a limiting cross bar is connected in the limiting hole, and a connecting hole is arranged on the side wall of the limiting cross bar near one end, and the movable connecting elastic locking in the connecting hole The ring, the elastic locking ring is sleeved on the pin.


When the new lockable Pin is used, the elastic locking ring can be firmly attached to the limit crossbar by the elastic action of the elastic locking ring. After the connection, the elastic locking ring acts so that the limiting crossbar does not escape from the limiting hole, so that the lockable Pin is not easily detached from the mounting hole, and has a self-locking function, and the connection is reliable.