Structure and application of spherical rod end bearing

- Feb 01, 2019-

The spherical rod end bearing includes a bore-shaped head with an integral rod end forming a rod end seat of a spherical plain bearing. Typically, rod end joint bearings have left or right female or male threads. spherical rod end bearing can also be used for specific applications, for example, where the rod end joint bearing needs to be secured to the end of the piston rod or to the cylinder base.


The spherical rod end bearing is a self-aligning sliding bearing using a spherical inner ring which has the same precision and hardness as the bearing steel ball. By combining a spherical inner ring with a gripper designed in a rational manner, the end ball bearing achieves a smooth and extremely smooth rotation and oscillating motion.


The inner and outer rings of the spherical rod end bearing are made of quenched, ground high carbon chromium bearing steel, and then phosphate surface treated, which is highly resistant to corrosion and wear, and then subjected to molybdenum disulfide sintering. spherical rod end bearing can withstand large radial loads and thrust loads in both directions, and because of their high impact load resistance, they are most suitable for cylinder rotation support or hinges of various construction machinery, civil engineering machinery, and truck suspension. Low-speed heavy-load rocking unit such as a buffer device.