Structure and installation of threaded rod bearing

- Mar 28, 2018-

The threaded rod bearing is mainly composed of an external screw and at least one bearing, wherein the external screw includes several parts such as a screw head, an external thread, a bearing arrangement hole, and the like. The resulting structure has a sufficient bearing capacity for Provides stable shaft support on the plate.


In a threaded rod bearing, a screw head is usually provided at one end of the outer screw as a point of application for rotation of the outer screw; and an external thread portion is provided at the other end of the outer screw and has a pair for engaging with another mating thread. External threads. For the screw bearing, its bearing setting hole is a central cylindrical hole provided along the shaft length of the shaft to locate the bearing therein.


After careful observation, it can be found that there is an opening in the bearing arrangement hole of the screw bearing, and the fitted shaft body is introduced from the opening of the bearing arrangement opening to seat on the bearing therein. The entire structure of the screw bearing is basically completed.


In the process of installing the threaded rod bearing, the height of the mounting hole should be firstly ensured, and the relative balance between it and the outside screw holes must be ensured. The verticality, smoothness and roundness of the mounting hole must be ensured to meet the corresponding requirements. Bearing installation is facilitated.


Second, choose a good quality threaded rod bearing, and match it with a suitable matching method; then press into the mounting hole, use a gentle force to press into it is appropriate, not too loose affect the accuracy. Finally check whether the screw bearing is in place and apply a suitable amount of high-speed lubricant.