Structure, application and other description of Metric Spherical Rod Ends

- Oct 19, 2018-

The metric spherical rod end bearing is one of the rod end bearings, and is mainly composed of an inner ring having an outer spherical surface and an outer ring having an inner spherical surface, and can withstand a large load. Depending on the type and structure of the bearing, it is possible to withstand radial loads, axial loads or combined loads in both radial and axial directions.


The metric spherical rod end bearing is generally used for low-speed oscillating motion, and can also be tilted in a certain angle range. It has been widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinders, forging machine tools, engineering machinery, automation equipment, automobile shock absorbers, hydraulic machinery. And other industries.


Practice has proved that the vibration is very sensitive to the damage of the metric spherical rod end bearing. Therefore, the vibration can be measured by using a special metric spherical rod end bearing vibration measuring device, and the specific situation of the abnormality cannot be inferred by the frequency division. The measured value differs depending on the conditions of use of the rod end joint bearing or the position at which the sensor is mounted. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and compare the measured values of each machine in advance to determine the judgment standard.


In addition, the normal temperature of the metric spherical rod end bearing varies depending on the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine. If the lubrication and installation parts are suitable, the temperature of the metric spherical rod end bearing will rise sharply. At this time, it is necessary to stop the operation and take necessary precautions.