Technical requirements for the matching of radial joint bearings

- Aug 03, 2018-

Normally, when installing the inner and outer rings of the radial joint bearing, it is necessary to ensure a suitable interference amount to obtain a satisfactory radial orientation and supporting force. Improper or incorrect fit will not only reduce the service life of the bearing, but will also cause damage to other accessories. Failure to do so will cause failure of the radial joint bearing.


The main performances of the radial joint bearing failure caused by improper cooperation are: 1. Cracks in the inner ring of the bearing inner ring, early peeling and spherical displacement; 2. Creep and abrasion between the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft or outer ring and the bearing housing Wear and tear; 3, due to incorrect fit, the internal clearance value becomes smaller and it may become stuck or cause bearing burn; 4. The spherical surface deformation causes the noise value to rise and the rotation precision to decrease.


When mating, the matching code of the radial joint bearing and the shaft and the bearing housing hole and the selected shaft and hole tolerance band shall comply with the provisions of GB1800~1804, according to the nature of the bearing inner ring (or shaft ring) and the shaft. , the limit deviation of the journal diameter, in the base hole system to choose: 1, interference and transition fit; 2, clearance fit.