The arrangement mode of the plain radial bearing and frequently-used bearing materials

- Nov 10, 2017-

The plain radial bearing is one of the joint bearings, and has many applications. Therefore, we can see it in some occasions or in the industries. And next, we will continue to be familiar with and understand it, so that everybody can realize the correct use and reasonable utilization, and then play its due role and effect.


1.Arrangement mode

Arrangement mode 1: Arrange back to the back arrangement, that is bearing broadside face to face

If this is the arrangement, then it will cause the contact angle of the toward bearing to spread along the direction of the rotary axis, thereby increasing the radial and axial rigidity of the bearing and its resistance to deformation.

Arrangement mode 2: Arrange face to face, that is bearing narrow margin face to face

In this way, the connection between the bearing ball and the contact point of the inner and outer ring is gathered along the direction of the rotary axis. The benefit is to eliminate the outer ring gap.

Arrangement mode 3:Arrange in the same direction,that is apposition

In this way, two plain radial bearings can share the work load, because the bearing contact line is in the same direction and parallel.


2. Bearing materials

The plain radial bearing is one of the joint bearings. Therefore, on the bearing materials, there are certain requirements, such as the good bearing performance, small friction coefficient, smooth surface,abrasion resistance, resist fatigue, and corrosion resistance. However, in practice, there can be no such material, so generally, the eclectic method is used to select and determine the type of material.

Bearing alloy: Which is the babbitt metal, including tin-base babbit and lead-base babbit metal. And, in use, it is attached to the bush matrix . In addition, the use of this material can also prevent the bearing scuffing . Therefore, on the journal material, it can be soft steel, hard steel or cast iron.

Bronze: It can be a variety of components, in order to have different physical properties to meet different use requirements. However, it is applicable to the requirements of the bearings for neutral and low speed and heavy duty situations.

Lead copper: Its bearing capacity is higher than that of the bearing alloy. But it is applicable to the case where the bearing rigidity is required and the neutral is good.


Cast iron: Its main application is in some occasions where requirements are not very strict. But the hardness of the shaft neck is higher than the hardness of the bearing, and the shaft neck and bearing is better neutral. In addition, on its work surface, use the mixed gum for running-in, and can not be sloppy.

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