The composition and use of the threaded clevis rod ends

- Nov 14, 2018-

The threaded clevis rod ends can be used with different types of rod end bearings to meet electronic machinery, power tools, sports equipment, medical machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, crystal machinery, textile machinery, light industrial machinery. Requirements for the use of mining machinery, engraving machines, automation equipment, and numerical control equipment.


Structurally, the joint of the U-shaped rod end of the thread includes a hole-shaped head with an integral rod end, thereby forming a rod end seat of a spherical plain bearing. Usually, rod end joint bearings have left or right female threads (inner) or male threads (outer).


Rod end joints combined with threaded clevis rod ends can be used in different applications, such as in some specific applications, where the rod end joint bearing needs to be fixed to the end of the piston rod or the cylinder base. occasion. For these applications, it is possible to use a grooved shank and a compressible thread section or a rod end joint bearing with a "welding handle".