The importance of the Imperial Clevis

- Jan 21, 2019-

The inch U-shaped fork is mainly composed of a bolt and a retaining ring. The portion of the bolt tail near the U-shaped fork has a groove in which the washer is inserted, so that the bolt can be caught to prevent the bolt from falling. The external thread of the U-shaped fork has left-handed and right-handed points, and the corresponding model can be selected according to the requirements.


As the hardware on the bearing, the Imperial  Clevis mainly plays a certain fixed role. And it is usually used with folding spring pins, pins, springs and other products. This U-shaped fork is usually made of mild steel or 304 stainless steel, which ensures that the fitting has some basic properties, such as corrosion resistance, rust resistance and the like.


Although it seems to be only a small piece of hardware, it is because of the help of the English U-shaped fork that many important devices are working properly. In order to be aesthetically pleasing to the appearance and performance, in addition to the choice of materials, the surface of the Imperial  Clevis should be treated, such as anti-rust oil, white zinc or color zinc, passivation treatment.