The main performance and characteristic of the insert bearing

- Nov 03, 2017-

The insert bearing often gives priority to the working occasions,where the structure of the equipment and parts is simple, such as the agricultural machinery, transportation system, construction machinery and so on.Generally, the insert bearing is mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial load, and rarely bear the axial load alone.


When installing this kind of insert bearing, the inner ring and outer ring can be divided into two parts for installation. It should be noted that this type of bearing does not have the problem of the shaft relative to the shell. This is because additional axial force may be generated under the radial load appointment. In addition, the axial clearance of the bearing will have a greater impact on the performance of the bearing. If the axial clearance is too small, then its temperature rise will be particularly obvious.


If the clearance is too large, it may cause bearing damage. In addition, in the design, it is also necessary to ensure the appropriate disposition, and to be easy to install, to meet the requirements of different working environments. At the same time, the bearing seats are usually made of casting. You know, in fact, insert bearing with seat can be seen as a bearing unit that combines rolling bearings and bearing seats together.


Judging from the present situation, most insert bearings make its external diameter in spherical surface and then install it with the bearing seat with the globular inner hole. In short, the structural form is diversified, which is easy to choose, and has good versatility and interchangeability.


It is reminded that when choosing the insert bearing, it not only needs to take into account its service life, but also to select the appropriate precision, bearing clearance, cage structure, and grease in combination with specific application requirements. Often when choosing, priority is given to the use conditions and performance requirements.

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