The operating rule of the female rod end bearing when it is installed or disassembled

- Oct 09, 2017-

Although the female rod end bearing is nothing more than a bearing, but because of its structure and the difference between ordinary bearings, so when it is in the installation and removal process, we must pay more attention, especially the point of action can not be the pressure deviation , So as not to affect its assembly or disassembly.


When installing or removing the female rod end bearing, in order to avoid the bearing and adverse effects, should be in accordance with the bearing size and bearing the nature of the various parts to be developed. The pressure to be applied during operation should be applied directly to the top of the tightly fitted retaining ring.


But it should be noted that the pressure can not be transmitted through the rolling body, as it may lead to the internal thread of the end of the bearing bearing surface indentation, while affecting the normal working state of the bearing, and even lead to the end of the rod damage.


In the female rod end bearing prone to deformation of the key parts, including the cage, seals and dust cover and other parts, do not apply pressure, otherwise it is easy to make it deformation, resulting in the entire internal thread end bearing are Can not be used normally.


The inner and outer shafts of the female rod end bearing are basically in close cooperation with the outer ring, and the outer ring is relatively loose relative to the housing. Therefore, the bearing can be first pressed by the press, and then the shaft and the inner thread Bearing installed in the shell inside, pay attention to the pressure in the bearing when the end can be padded with a layer of relatively soft metal material assembly casing, so that the effective protection of the pressure is not applied to the cage above.


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