The role and advantages of flat spherical bearings

- Jul 20, 2018-

Planar spherical bearings can be used in a variety of applications, especially when used with different types of DF planar bearing washers, which offer a variety of different combinations for bearing configurations. The needle and cylindrical rollers of a flat spherical bearing will be held and guided by the planar cage.


In comparison, one of the advantages of the flat spherical bearing is that it uses a high-precision cylindrical roller, which increases the contact length, so that the bearing can obtain high load capacity and high rigidity in a small space. . Another advantage is that the gasket can be omitted when the surface of the adjacent part is suitable for the raceway surface, which makes the design compact. Moreover, the cylindrical surface of the needle roller and the cylindrical roller used for the DF plane needle roller bearing and the flat cylindrical roller bearing is a modified surface, which can reduce the edge stress and prolong the service life.


In general, in a planar spherical bearing, there are two main components, namely a flat needle roller and a cage assembly. The needle roller is held and guided by the radially arranged pockets. The cage profile has a specific shape and is formed from a hardened steel strip. Usually small-sized cages are made of industrial plastics.