The role and composition of the threaded clevis rod ends

- Feb 04, 2019-

The threaded clevis rod ends is provided with a threaded extension rod, and the thread has a left-right rotation; the self-lubricating radial joint bearing and the rod end body are assembled. The rod end surface is galvanized and the inner ring sphere is chrome-plated to enhance its performance in all aspects, so that the threaded U-shaped rod end can play a better role in the application process.


The threaded U-shaped rod end support rod piston rod must be installed in the down position and must not be flipped, which can reduce friction and ensure the best damping quality and cushioning function. For high-pressure products, it is strictly forbidden to dissect, fire, bump, and not use as handrails.


The ambient temperature of the threaded U-shaped rod end: -35 ° C - + 70 ° C; should not be affected by the tilting force or lateral force during operation. Determining the mounting position of the fulcrum is the guarantee of whether the work can be accurately performed. At the same time, it must be installed in an accurate way, that is, when it is closed, let it move through the center line of the structure. Otherwise, the door is often automatically pushed open, and then installed at the desired position and then sprayed. Painted.