The role of galvanizing treatment on the surface of Imperial Clevis

- Mar 06, 2019-

As one of the most commonly used fasteners, the British U-shaped fork requires long-term protection and maintenance during its use due to its importance. One of the most important ways to protect and maintain the anti-oxidation treatment of the British U-shaped fork. That is, what we call the anti-rust treatment as usual, one of the effective methods is galvanizing.


Zinc plating refers to the surface treatment of metal, alloy or other materials with a layer of zinc for beautiful, rust-proof and other effects. The inch U-shaped fork after galvanizing should be the appearance lubrication, no zinc knob, burr, silver white; the thickness is controllable, arbitrarily selected within 5-107μm; the appearance is no hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazard, can guarantee the material The mechanical properties are unchanged.


The production of the British U-shaped fork needs to pass the quality inspection. The detection is divided into manual and machine. The automatic detection of the machine is mainly magnetic particle inspection, which is the interaction between the leakage magnetic field and the magnetic powder at the disadvantage of the British U-shaped fork. The possible disadvantages of the bolts are the difference between the magnetic permeability and the magnetic permeability of the steel. After the magnetization, the magnetic field of these materials will not change, and the magnetic flux leaks at the surface of the workpiece, which generates a leakage magnetic field, and then attracts the magnetic powder to form a defect. Magnetic powder accumulation - magnetic marks, under proper lighting conditions, show the location and shape of defects, and the investigation and interpretation of the accumulation of these magnetic powders has reached the intention of removing defective products.