The selection method and maintenance measures of the rod end joint bearing

- Nov 20, 2017-

In the actual work, we can easily see the concrete size of the rod end joint bearing, but in addition to the size problem, we should also pay attention to its specifications and models, so as to ensure the use requirements. So, how to choose the rod end joint bearing?


In view of this problem, first of all we need to determine the specific use environment of the rod end joint bearing and the requirements for bearing size and specification. In addition, consideration should be given to what is required for the length of the straining beam for the bearing, as this problem relates to the width of the mounting bracket.


Secondly, it needs to consider the price. Because the price of the rod end joint bearing will affect the budget of the entire project. Finally, note the size of the screw hole, which is due to the problem for the strength of the jacket and the rotation angle of the joint bearing will have a direct impact.


After the selection of the suitable stainless steel rod end joint bearing, in practical application, we also need to take appropriate measures to avoid damage. As a precision type of mechanical parts, it is still relatively fragile. if use improperly, it will cause damage. For example, if the bearing cleanness is insufficient or there is excessive dust, it will accelerate the wear.


Another problem that needs to be noted is that in daily use, the lubrication of the stainless steel rod end joint bearing should be checked regularly, and the proper amount of lubricating oil should be added. At this point, it is important to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the lubricating oil. And during use, avoid contacting the bearing with water contact as much as possible to avoid corrosion.


In summary, during the use of the rod end joint bearing, we must pay attention to regularly checking the operation of the bearing, and do the cleaning and lubrication work well to ensure that the rod end joint bearing can operate normally.