The technical characteristics and installation points of plain spherical bearing

- Apr 18, 2018-

The plane spherical bearing is a kind of rolling bearing that can bear axial load. It is mainly composed of shaft ring, seat ring and rolling element with or without cage. Its nominal contact angle is more than 45°, plus unique Plane bearing channel superfinishing technology, which greatly improved the performance of the entire bearing.


In addition to the above-mentioned unique planar bearing channel superfinishing technology, the manufacturer also adopted a high-speed hot forging machine forging technology, which not only helps to improve the material utilization rate, but also produces a flat surface with low noise and long life. Spherical bearings. In addition, a new process of hydrogen nitriding is performed on the cage surface of the bearing to significantly increase the tensile strength of the cage.


The plane spherical bearing mainly bears the axial load in the assembly, its application is widely used, elevator accessories, plastic machinery,

This type of bearing is used in office equipment, medical equipment, stepping motors, speed reduction gears, fitness equipment, and sports equipment. It is easy to install and operate.


But even so, when installing a plane spherical bearing or to pay more attention, on the one hand must distinguish the tight ring and loose ring bearing, this point can be judged according to the size of the bearing diameter, usually their pore diameter difference of 0.1 ~ 0.5mm.


On the other hand, when installing a plane spherical bearing, it is also necessary to distinguish the stationary parts of the bearing components, ie parts that do not move; and in any case, the loose ring of the plane spherical bearing should always be against the end surface of the stationary part, so as to ensure the The bearings can operate normally.