The use of plain spherical bearing and the role of fixed

- Sep 29, 2017-

Plain spherical bearing in the use of the general use of deep groove ball bearings in the use of its main features for the simple loading and unloading, and can be self-aligning, flat spherical bearing standard tolerance: internal plus, its internal diameter to take additional tolerance to ensure that And when the shaft with the light.

Each set of plain spherical bearings are not used alone, he must be equipped with the overall bearing inside the bearing, and the outer spherical bearing seat has a variety of shapes so the overall fit for a variety of structural position Plain spherical bearing can be sorted by way of matching with the shaft.

Plain spherical bearing on the top of the wire will have two of its angle of 120 degrees, the main feature is the axis and the main use of the top wire to be used in the top of the shaft, so that it will play a certain degree of fixed The role of the environment, but its cooperation must be a small range of vibration. This plain spherical bearing is more common, widely used in textile machinery, ceramic machinery and other manufacturing industries.

Plain spherical bearing diameter of 1:12 ratio of the tapered bore, when used in conjunction with the adapter sleeve, such a plane spherical bearing features: can withstand more than the top of the spherical ball bearings with a larger load. Because with its tight fit with the type of inner diameter than the top wire spherical ball bearing smaller.

Plain spherical bearing main features for the bearing at the end of a certain degree of eccentricity, the same eccentricity of the eccentric sleeve with its cooperation. This type of bearing can also be said to be a dedicated bearing, because it is mainly used in agricultural machinery, such plain spherical bearing are mainly used in beating more violent structure, eccentric structure with the effective reduction of violent beating.

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