There are many types of plain bearings

- Sep 30, 2019-

1 According to the direction of the load can be divided into radial (central) sliding bearings and thrust (axial) sliding bearings.


2 According to the type of lubricant, it can be divided into oil-lubricated bearings, grease-lubricated bearings, water-lubricated bearings, gas bearings, solid-lubricated bearings, magnetic fluid bearings and electromagnetic bearings.


3 According to the thickness of the lubricating film, it can be divided into two types: film-lubricated bearings and thick-film lubricated bearings.


4 According to the bearing material, it can be divided into bronze bearing, cast iron bearing, plastic bearing, jewel bearing, powder metallurgy bearing, self-lubricating bearing and oil bearing.


5 According to the bearing structure can be divided into round bearing, elliptical bearing, three oil leaf bearing, step surface bearing, tilting pad bearing and foil bearing.


The bearing shell is divided into a split type and a monolithic structure. In order to improve the friction properties of the bearing surface, one or two layers of friction reducing material are often cast on the inner diameter surface, which is commonly referred to as a bearing lining, so that the bearing has a bimetallic bearing and a three metal bearing.


Bearing bush or bearing lining is an important part of sliding bearing, and the material of bearing bush and bearing lining is collectively referred to as bearing material. Since the bearing bush or bearing bushing is in direct contact with the journal, the journal portion is generally wear resistant, so the main failure mode of the bearing bush is wear.


The wear of the bearing bush is directly related to the material of the journal, the material of the bearing bush, the lubricant and the lubrication state. The selection of the bearing material should take these factors into consideration to improve the service life and working performance of the sliding bearing.