Two structural types of rod end spherical bearings

- Jul 18, 2018-

The rod end spherical bearing is a kind of sliding bearing. Compared with the general bearing, the ball stud bolt can ensure smooth running in a small gap in practical applications. Moreover, the rod end spherical bearing product has strong anti-wear property and large swing angle, and is suitable for the link motion mechanism of various types of automatic machine tools.


Due to different use requirements, the category of rod end spherical bearings can be divided into two structural forms, one belonging to the high strength zinc alloy BL type. In this series of bearing products, the holder is made of a high-strength zinc alloy and formed perpendicular to the handle. By disposing the grease bag up and down the spherical surface, it is excellent in lubricity and abrasion resistance.


The other type is the RBI type of internal thread cage. The cage of this type of rod end spherical bearing product is made of high-strength zinc alloy. The mounting bolts and cage are arranged on the same axis, which can simultaneously carry pressure load and tension. load. In addition, the grease is sealed in the protective cover, so the lubricity and wear resistance of the bearing are also excellent.