Type and size of Threaded Clevis Rod Ends and cold working

- Apr 03, 2019-

Threaded Clevis Rod Ends are available in the choice of rod end bearing types and sizes. Our products effectively include rod end bearings with standard, high precision, high capacity design brass rails, high strength Two-piece design with engineered thermoplastic track or high-performance Teflon-lined self-lubricating rod end bearings for extremely low friction and tolerance in military standard rod end ball bearings with extreme performance Eccentricity and resilient rod end bearings that reduce equipment vibration and installation noise.


Threaded U-shaped rod ends are also available in a variety of coatings, coatings and materials, and have a wide range of optional features such as lubricated fittings, left hand threads, keyways and more. The rod ends are available in both inch and metric sizes. The rod end bearing may include an internally threaded bore (ie, a female joint) that threadably receives an externally threaded end of the drive rod (ie, a male connection). Alternatively, the rod end bearing may include an externally threaded end that is threadedly coupled to the internally threaded bore of the drive rod. In both cases, the rod end bearing and/or the externally threaded portion of the drive rod are typically formed from machined bars.


The cold-worked, high-strength material of the threaded U-shaped rod ends is concentrated near the exterior of the bar, typically when forming an externally threaded end (eg, an externally threaded end of a rod end bearing, or alternatively, an externally threaded end of the drive rod) It was removed by machining. Thus, the outer threaded end is typically formed from a softer, weaker material near the core of the bar.


The externally threaded stud threadably engages the bore of the shaft portion and the bore of the second end of the drive rod to connect the rod end bearing and the drive rod. The assembly for use with a control valve includes a bearing having a body and a portion extending from the body, wherein the portion includes an internally threaded bore and a drive rod having a first end, the first end including an internally threaded bore. The externally threaded stud bolts threadably engage the rod end bearing and the bore of the drive rod to connect the rod end bearing to the drive rod.