Types and optional features of the steel ball joint rod ends

- Nov 30, 2018-

The ball joint rod ends are easier to adjust and can be adjusted for position, such as the mechanism, connection and position adjustment of the control rod. The rod end also provides a compact, lightweight and economical design to replace the traditional shell. Body installation. Rod end joints can also be found in aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines, military vehicle industries, submarines and surface ships, transportation equipment, agricultural and recreational vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, material handling, and fluid power applications.

The choice of rod end bearing type and size in the steel ball joint rod end, our products effectively include rod end bearings with standard, high precision, high capacity design brass track, high strength two piece design, with Self-lubricating rod end bearings with engineered thermoplastic rails or high performance Teflon gaskets. In military standard rod end ball bearings with extreme performance, rod end bearings have extremely low friction and eccentricity and have Elastic rod end bearings that reduce equipment vibration and installation noise.

Rod end bearings are also available in a variety of coatings, coatings and materials, and have a wide range of optional features such as lubricated fittings, left hand threads, keyways and more. The rod ends are available in both inch and metric sizes.