Vibration analysis of mechanical bearing

- Jul 13, 2017-

If you know that the physical dimensions of the bearings and rotational speeds run with the rolling elements can detect several vibrational frequencies, these frequencies can be recorded with an accelerometer and a spectrum analyzer. Many companies sell equipment and software to detect these data. When there is a difference from the bearing failure frequency, a person experienced in reading these printed graphs and trends can predict that the bearing may fail.

Four-phase bearing failure detection and vibration analysis:
1, the first phase (normal operation) appears in the ultrasonic frequency of about 1, to 3, $number K-meter cpm (per minute cycle). At this time the frequency Yousse the Parker energy and listen to these frequency impact pulse instruments to evaluate. Analyzing these information trends can tell us if the bearings have changed.
2. The second stage of bearing failure defects begins with the natural frequencies of the ringing bearing components, which are picked up using spectrum analyzer in the middle of the spectrum, 3ok-12ok CPM.
3. In the third stage of failure, the frequency of bearing defects is carried out on the frequency spectrum of the bearing defects and harmonics. At this time, if you remove the bearing, you can see the flaw in the rolling body.
4. The fourth phase appears to end the bearing life. It shows the frequency spectrum of the random high-frequency vibration spikes, together with the vibration analysis, many other problems rotating equipment can not consider the device exit service for diagnosis. This can save downtime and thousands of of dollars.

Bearing Vibration Data
Frequencies-as related vibrations-are the number of shocks that occur during a given period of time. The unit of frequency is hertz (cycles per second) and CPM (cycles per minute).
1 Hz = CPM
The main frequencies produced by the bearing are:
BPFO BEARING Outer ring frequency
BPFI bearing Inner Ring frequency
Rotation frequency scrolling of BSF ball

The basic thought frequency of FTF
These frequencies and multiples of these frequencies are shown as the bearing begins to fail in the vibration analysis of the peak spectrum spikes.