See How Leading Bearing Manufacturers Apply 3D Printing Technology In Production?

- Jun 15, 2019-

Bowman International is a leading bearing design and manufacturer. In addition to producing conventional bearing products, Bowman also manufactures custom bearings.


In 2016, Bowman established Bowman Additive Production, a specialized additive manufacturing division that provides industrial bearing users with customized bearing design, prototyping, testing, inspection, and production services.


The application of 3D printing technology has enabled Bowan to enhance the ability to produce small batches of bearings quickly and to provide Bowan with more room to optimize the performance and longevity of some of its bearing products.


Small batch production and complex design


To date, Bowman Additive Production is equipped with two additive manufacturing equipment, one is EOS's selective laser sintering equipment, the other is HP's multi-jet melting equipment (MJF), and Bowman uses nylon 11 as the printing material.


Bowman's first product developed using 3D printing technology is a plastic bearing cage. The application of 3D printing technology enables Bowman to produce plastic bearing cages without the need for injection molds. This not only enables Bowman to respond quickly to changes in product design, but also enhances the competitiveness of fast-production small and medium-volume custom bearings.