Teach You How To Choose A Good Quality Ring Forging

- Jul 13, 2017-

Ring forgings in the automotive manufacturing, railway transportation, construction, foundry processing, metal stamping and other industries have a very wide use, its product quality is the factory follow-up production of the early guarantee, if the forging quality is not good, will have a great impact on the quality of production products and even endanger workers personal safety. therefore。 Manufacturers to choose the quality of reliable forgings as raw materials, so as to ensure the smooth production of the year. Below we provide some methods for quality identification of ring forgings.

There are two kinds of inspection methods for forging quality, such as external observation and internal test. The external observation method, as the name implies, is to observe and measure the appearance of the product, such as the shape, geometrical dimension and surface condition of the forging, to see if it conforms to the standard and whether there are any external defects. Specifically, is to check whether the forging dimension conforms to the specifications of the drawing, whether the surface is defective, such as forging surface cracks, folds, blisters, pressure wounds, pits, impurities, scratches and other physical defects. The internal test method is mainly for the chemical composition analysis of forgings, macroscopic and microscopic microstructure, mechanical properties and other aspects are qualified. This requires a special instrument to perform a high magnification inspection process, the purpose of this paper is to check whether the forgings exist such as internal fracture, loose shrinkage, dendritic crystallization and white spots, streamline disorder, wear and flow, and other defects, including the tensile strength, ductility, hardness, plasticity, heat-resistant temperature and so on.

Generally speaking, the quality inspection of ring Forgings will include the above two aspects, the external observation method manufacturers can observe the measurement, the internal test method is more complex, also need professional equipment, manufacturers can entrust the third party related units to test. Through these two aspects of the check, must be able to meet the production requirements of high-quality forgings.