The Application Range And Main Characteristics Of Four Kinds Of Spherical Bearings

- Nov 15, 2017-

1. The spherical surface ball bearing with jbckscrew has light and heavy duty, the main representatives are UC200 series and UC300 series. It is mainly used in the manufacturing industry, such as textile machinery, ceramic machinery and so on.


2. The model represents of the spherical surface ball bearing with conical degree are UC200 series and UC300 series. Because the bearing diameter ratio is 1: 12, therefore, it should be used with the adapter sleeve together. There is an improvement in the load bearing capacity.


3. The common types of the spherical surface ball bearing with eccentric bushing are UEL200 series, UEL300 series and SA200 series. The characteristic is that at one end of the bearing, there is a certain eccentricity, which can be used with the eccentric sleeve with the same eccentricity, so as to improve the use effect and form an eccentric structure to reduce the heavy beating. It is mainly used in agricultural machinery, and is a special agricultural machinery bearings.


4. The insert bearing with a seat is to combine the bearing seat with the antifriction bearing, to make the outer diameter into a sphere, and then to be installed with the bearing seat with a spherical bore. This kind of spherical bearing has many structural forms, and has good interchangeability and universal property. It is easy to install. In the form of sealing, a double-structure sealing device is used, which is double seal. Therefore, it can be used in the severe  environment and ensure the service life of the bearing.